Moments of Unspeakable Rage

I would like to address the phenomenon that is people thrown into a fit of rage caused by a seemingly minor offenses.  Furthermore resulting in violence, injury, even death.  I have included some links should you care to read the most recent examples I have read. Brought to you courtesy of Daily Snopes, one my favorite websites.

Woman Accused of Stabbing With an Ornament:

Man Stabbed Over Messy Kitchen:

Upon hearing such outlandish reports, I always become introspective. I can’t imagine why these people loose all ability to think rationally over a trivial things. They simply go bananas.  A childhood memory comes to mind when I read these stories:

The year is 1995, two neighborhood kids, my brother and I are sitting at the kitchen table.  As most kids do, we are picking on the youngest kid there, who is my brother.  I decided that would be the best time to make fun of the “Red Ranger” who was a character on The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.  I distinctly remember saying the Red Ranger was a total queer. Yes, I am now aware that this is not progressive thinking, but at ten it’s not fueled by a reckless,redneck, homophobic-type anger. It was more so because the word made everyone chuckle in spelling class (the teacher got pissed). We are laughing, drinking Sharkleberry Fin Kool-aid, and then it gets real.

My brother went into a  fit, screaming like a Comanche warrior, he attacks. He grabs a fork and stabs me in the arm.  The cold tines are embedded and the fork is standing straight up.  I was in shock, taking a moment to realize what just happened before I screamed “MOM!”. The other kids laughed. This was a simple superficial wound. I can’t help but wonder how making fun of my brother’s favorite Power Ranger could illicit such fury. Instead of simply defending his favorite ranger he lost all sensibilities not once realizing his actions were brutal and Helen Keller (the crazy pre-Anne Sullivan kind) like in nature.

I think he was grounded for a week, maybe restricted from the Power Rangers I don’t know. I still made fun of The Power Rangers, like, everyday. I did,however, make sure hastily devised weaponry was not available. Seriously bro, the Red Ranger was not as cool as the Black Ranger and not as bad ass (or hot) as the Green/White Ranger. Obviously, no one liked the blue ranger he’s a nerd. Truth.


4 responses to “Moments of Unspeakable Rage

  1. The world has become a dark place hasn’t it? Actually, it’s always been dark, but now we’re starting to really pay attention!

  2. Wow now that’s hardcore. I can’t remember being so passionate about the Power Rangers, but I did enjoy that at a regular basis. I was really excited when I saw the photo on your page!

    • Ha ha, you know I secretly liked them too! It was just my brother would defend the red ranger’s honor with a bloody eating utensil. He doesn’t remember this of course…obviously we’re a loving family.

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