Null and Void if You Cross Your Fingers. Truth.

Honesty looks good on paper but it’s not always the best thing, nor is it convenient.  If I were George Washington I would have said “OMG girlfriend, you know who just died of smallpox…?” .  You know, in hopes everyone forgets about the cherry tree I totally demolished.

I lie to my grandmother who is hard of hearing.  Not because I need to hide anything, it’s convenient to lie.  Example:

Granny: “Sheena, are you still seein’ that same ol’ boy you was a seein’ ?”


Granny: “Huh?”

Me: Deep breath…a little louder, “YES!!!”

Granny : ” Yes? His name is Eugene right?”

Me: “YES!!!”

Granny: “Huh?”

Me: (Thinking: Oh Lawdy give me strengf!)…. “YES!”

Granny : “Oh well I reckon that’s nice.”

Yes, I just lied. Firstly, it would take too long to tell granny, no, that douche bag is long gone with all the pictures of  his jerk face as well. Secondly, I don’t even know a  Eugene. A single syllable answer is effective.  I am just saying I’m not Diamond Dave of Van Halen, I can’t scream things really loud, for an extended time.

So, my stance on lying; sometimes it’s necessary.


2 responses to “Null and Void if You Cross Your Fingers. Truth.

  1. True, but better when also harmless. Like with granny.

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