Stupid Effin’ Scrub Top

Look how cute it’s doctor dog! Does MD stand for medical doggie? Do you have the croup? I hear a barking cough! Oh he has a bone x-ray! Oh it’s so funny and adorable! . it looks like he is about to help out this kitty here with the hurt ear and low grade fever. How? Well, with lots and lots of pills! He apparently has them thrown around like confetti in his office. I am going to doctor dog with my fake back injury! This top is pawsitively delightful! Maybe it will get covered in feces. Even better.

5 responses to “Stupid Effin’ Scrub Top

  1. Thanks for liking my post Part time! And I enjoyed reading your post on the stupid effin’ scrub top – hilarious!!

  2. Nicely done. You gave me two hardy laughs with only six lines of reading. If only doctors threw prescriptions around their office like confetti.

  3. very funny post. Oh, and lots care. I promise.

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