Sudden Realization…

I was bored and aimlessly clicking away at links on AOL. I noticed a headline that stated Chaz Bono was no longer dating his long time girlfriend Jennifer Elia (is she relevant at all?)

I will post the link for your viewing pleasure, should you care take a gander…

NOW the real reason why I am even mentioning this:

Chaz Bono reminds me of someone

Here’s Chaz

Here is his identical twin:

Above is the fat bully from Problem Child 2: Murphy

Which leads me to this perplexing question; Why the fuck did Chaz walk into his doctors office and say “Okay so you know the fat bully on Problem Child 2? I want you to make me look like him.”  Of all the men Chaz could choose to resemble he picks the fat kid who couldn’t pass 6th grade? (sweet ass roundhouse though)

I personally think I would bring this picture for my sexual reassignment surgery….Oh and believe, I will be getting the denim ensemble as well. God don’t you just want to put feather extensions in his hair????


2 responses to “Sudden Realization…

  1. Um were you watching Problem child 2? or is this movie one of your go to movies to watch on a weekend? Because I never would have made the connection.. WOW and what a connection it is. Totally sharing this. 🙂 BTW nice choice on the fabio. Denim ensembles are the new black.

    • It hit me when I saw Chaz Bono, I saw that fat kid…I think a heavenly shaft of light shone upon me or perhaps I watched that movie far too much as a child. I was really torn between denim Fabio and the Tarzan theme Fabio with loin cloth…oh the decisions!

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