This Crap Happened at Starbucks

The other day I went into Starbucks to, of course, get some coffee.  There was a lady in the line ahead of me, she might be the dumbest rude person I have seen in a long time. This is an illustration of what took place.

This lady is kind of, well, stupid. She was perplexed at first and then angry (probably like what happens when chimps are forced to wear people clothes). What’s worse is she looks to me for back up.  I obviously decided bakery goods were much more important than debating the misleading nature of the menu board. This lady clearly is the reason deodorant sticks have to tell you not use it on your eyes.


52 responses to “This Crap Happened at Starbucks

  1. When she goes to a restaurant, does she expect the plate and fork to come with the meal? She opens up her doggy bag at home and goes “Where’s the &()%*(&% plate!”

    • No doubt she does all these things. She won’t let her husband use AXE body spray either for fear that he will instantly attract hot women. He hates her no doubt.

  2. First with repect to you. You should never go to starbucks. And second they do not sell coffee. What would anyone expect other than shit in a cup. Support your locally owned indie shop

    • I haven’t heard from ya’ll in a while! I usually do, matter of fact I am frugal and make it at home more often. However a christmas gift card is free money, and I can’t turn away free things 🙂

  3. Also…Did i mention that I enjoy all of your post…well I do your humor and sarcasm is not unlike my own. You make me laugh. thank you. Now I know that some of the same things can happen in an indie shop , because I have owned 5 shops, and now run an indie Eatery in South Dakota. The general public is where all the comedy writers and sitcom writers get material. If we put in a camera with sound in any of my past shops or the current shop, the video would give hours of fun. 🙂 Have a great Tuesday.

  4. Be glad that she was just a transient thundercloud blowing through with the high winds and lightning strikes of rampant and random stupidity, but then soon gone from the clear blue skies of your life. Loved the very amusing art work! 🙂

  5. Ok, first let me tell you that YOU ROCK. I love a fellow snark! Secondly, I’ve come to the conclusion that Starbucks = Weirdo Magnets. On the rare occassion that I must fork over big bucks for decaf, I think I’ll start wearing dark glasses. Great post!

    • Thanks! Yes I have several more odd stories about coffee shops period, ah for another time though!

      • Hmm… with a fair amount of Starbucks bashing going on here, I’m thinking that all Starbucks are not created equal. The one I go to everyday for lunch not only has great coffee, but is a prime location for politely and discreetly watching beautiful women who maximize their beauty with very attractive and stylish dress. It’s one of the high points of my day, and well worth the price of a Venti bold. Maybe it’s a gender thing…

      • Granted this one was in a rather unsavory part of Nashville area. I cannot discredit their coffee it’s yummy. I don’t like their employees, who are usually miserable. I am not cool enough for indie coffee but I like to go and pretend I am.

      • I have absolutely no doubt that you ARE cool enough for indie coffee, without any need for pretense. The Starbucks I go to (I’m there right now) is in a very posh town that I couldn’t afford to live in, but honestly I wouldn’t want to, because I’m very happy with the neighborhood we’ve lived in since 1996, which is more down to earth and my kinda people. But these well bred, well to do ladies here make the most of their disposal income to look beautiful, and are very easy on the eyes. You may tell me to STFU now, cause I’m used to it. Lol 😉

      • I am seriously not cool, I am watching HGTV right now, way uncool, but I don’t care. I can see why you enjoy your Starbucks as opposed to the one I stop by every now and then. It’s bad enough that I tell myself NEVER AGAIN each time

      • I do have one Starbucks horror story, but it was in an airport terminal in Cleveland, and these two fat and bovine like women sold me one of the worst tasting cups of coffee in my entire life! It tasted like it had been filtered through dirty sweat socks, and when I complained, one of them brayed loudly that “it’s supposed to taste like that!” To which I replied “Like HELL it is!” But my flight was about to leave without me, so I didn’t have time to argue with the stupid cow, and it’s the only cup of Starbucks ever, that I threw away after only two sips!

      • I have one in the bookstore by my house, and I have refused to buy more coffee from there b/c their workers are so rude I feel violent towards them. That however shall be for another tale.

      • And I’m sure that when the time comes, that you’ll have an amusing tail. 😉

  6. I love the pictoral story telling (~_~)

  7. lmao! omg i love everything about this comic! too hilarious =P

  8. Ok Sheena if I ever see you in line anywhere I promise I will let you cut in front of me, No way I want to be fodder for your blog lol.

    Great Post as always!

  9. I had always wondered who the deodorant stick note was for – so sorry you happened upon a first person encounter =P

  10. Nice work on the illustrations I’m quite impressed! How long did it take you to do them? Also, I liked the frame where you imagined killing her. I think we;ve all been there.

    • Well it took a few days to complete, I can’t sit that long and concentrate. Thanks, I knew at some point I could use a man eating plant reference

  11. This is brilliant, my favorite part is the cashier described as, “Stupid face,” fully equipped with a stupid face.

  12. MS Paint? These are really hilarious drawings! I used to draw in MS Paint…Ah, the memories. However long it took you to draw these, it was well worth it.

  13. I love what you’ve done with your hair in the second illustration!

    Banana bread is awesome: toasted and smeared with butter, it’s like some sort of moist, potassium-filled nirvana.

    • I attempted to recreate my hair style, as best I could with the little pad thing (no mouse). Bananas are awesome period, they are delectable any form they are served.

  14. Funny! You do all your illustrations in MS Paint? That’s impressive shit! Keep the good stuff coming, I like your kind of humor.

  15. I bet she didn’t really order her coffee with ‘animal fat’ but that part cracked me up. 😉

    You may be familiar with the episode of Ren and Stimpy where a character orders a drink of meat. I guess it reminded me of that. “What do you want to drink?”


  16. So funny. Dumb people keep the world entertaining, once your blood pressure levels off again.

  17. Dolts are everywhere! Great post.

  18. I love the MS Paint illustration of the woman’s fat rolls. All hail Starbucks-induced morbid obesity.

    • I tried to do her oddy body justice, thanks you and yes Starbucks is responsible for the sugar crazed caffeine and accompanied fat roll epidemic for sure…white chocolate mocha enough said

  19. I think I’ve been behind this woman in line – perhaps this is her hobby, terrorizing coffee adicts…. Your art is fabulous!

  20. You aren’t supposed to put deodorant on your eyes?! I’ve been doing it wrong for years! D:

    On the plus side my ocular situation smells “fresh and clean like a true Irishman.” Yeah, I don’t get it either.

    • I just now realized what terrible things happen if ppl like her don’t read the labels, obviously pictures are best. I mean what is she four years old? How do you not understand fancy pants design and displays by now???

  21. wow what a freak! it must suck working at The Bux, dealing with non-caffeinated-feinds acting psycho.

    • No doubt, I hear ppl complain about the prices a lot, like they should know what they’re getting into, furthermore if they don’t like it, there’s a gas station across the street…better yet go home and use Mr coffee

  22. You have a dark gift, Sheena…
    Keep exploring it – always!

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