I Drink Loser’s Blooooooood!

Doesn’t that sound bad ass? I know, don’t tell me, I know it does. Alright so basically I procrastinate, play on Microsoft Paint too much and don’t get productive things done. I was recently nominated for the 7 x 7 award by: Solominain (danke!) So, to show blogger love and I will participate:

Interesting Fact About ME:

I am more than amused by hamster fights. When I go to the pet store they are always fighting and it’s hilarious. I like to yell at them “Get em’ Miami, he ain’t got nothin’!” Yes, I name them gangsta names and cheer them on. “Beat tha brakes off him lil Busta!”…The pet store workers think I am insane. I am amused. Also, I don’t care what the fuck PetCo thinks BOOM! FACE!

My Seven Best Posts: In my personal opinion these are the best because they were the most fun to write.

Out of Order Means Out of Order

What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up Or Pushing 30?

Awesome Ink…Have You Been to Prison?

Mistakes In Parenting

Me Eat Like Caveman

Mom Loves Me Best…Probably

There’s More Than One Way to Get Toxoplasmosis

Okay there’s that read those all of them, why are you reading this? Have you read them? No? Then scroll up and do what I say!

Okay that’s better assuming you have read my masterpieces, you may now be introduced to some blogs I like. I am not saying these are the only one’s I like, these are blogs I have yet to see nominated…and I think they should be

That being said let me mention here to check out:

Maximum Wage,  Confederacy of Spinsters, Word Play, The dissemination of Thought  and Klextin but these folks are nominated already or so I have seen…I think…pretty sure, whatever read them too.

Alright the Seven I have Chosen:

1. drinkinpoison

2. Soul Gourmet 

3. Deep as a Birdbath

4. healthy takeover

5. David Wallace Flemming

6. The Rubbe

7. Edward Hotspur

Okay this is resembling real work all this linking! Check it out. End of Blog…………………………………………Now.


9 responses to “I Drink Loser’s Blooooooood!

  1. Hmm… that’s weird. I go to our local PetCo a lot, and I’ve never seen the hamsters fighting. Maybe the staff at our store puts Prozac in their water bottles, and they’re just “happy all the time” hamsters. Or they’re just too drugged out to care… But I’d pay good money to watch you watch your hamsters fight! LOL

    Thanks for the shout out for my blog! 🙂 Yours is great and definitely deserves the award!

  2. Holy crap! I never thought I’d get to read about hamster fights! Dreams really do come true!

  3. Congratulations on your award!

    Is their betting available on the said hamster fighting? If so, I’ll have $100 on Miami to vanquish Crakkaz in the championship bout.

  4. Wow thanks! You know, it’s funny you mentioned me for the 7×7, because you know what’s in my pants, right? That’s right, ladies. I’ve got $7.

    In pet stores or pet sections, I always like to go to the fish tanks and hold my hand up in a pinching motion and wave it around. All the fish follow my hand from side to side. I am the Puppet Master! Bwa ha ha!

    I like you. You’re demented like me. You remind me of myself when I was a girl in my 20s.

  5. You sound delightful, Sheena!

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