I Sneak Up and Hit Ya Like a *%$#@!*^ Tornado!

Alright, so, I was also nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, funny thing is, I was before but lacked the inside knowledge as to what that entailed or really meant. So I guess this is another chance for redemption, like when I really DID turn 18…sorry cousin Steve. ALRIGHT. Firstly, I thank the dear sweet spirited soul who nominated me….Zapple100 (Thank YOU).

Then I must nominate 15 blogs I like, now then let me say I picked 15 I have not previously mentioned in my last award nomination:

1. orangespicedrop– Humorous, and a fun read. Plus this chick totally calls out some jerk that commented all arrogant like on her freshly pressed piece and I say to that “high five!”

2. Sexy Tofu– Humor and vegan, the pictures are over the top hot, check it out

3. Miss Rosen– Photography and it’s lovely, just a lot of fun to look at

4. The Tattered Thread– Cool dude, fun read, interesting perspective

5. Cocktails with Hemingway– This chick is delightful, fun to read, she writes like your having a conversation with her. Also, she’s doing a pretty cool update on her pregnancy, I like it a lot

6. Blood Sweat and Peanut Butter– Sarcastic and hilarious, tales of being a mom and pushing thirty, I relate and love, love, love her sense of humor

7. mooselicker– If the name is not indicative, it’s offbeat comedy

8. Life In the Farce Lane- Funny Commentary, good stuff

9.  Adam Cooper– Humor, and some great abstract thoughts, always good for a laugh

10. Brain Rants– Another humor blog, I like to check out on the daily

11. Young Notions– Husband/Wife comedians, really awesome

12. Zendictive– Inspirational, another great daily motivator

13. Healthy the New Wealthy– A new way to look at conventional nutrition and exercise

14. STOP. LOOK. BREATHE– Great pictures, great blog….great? I said great right?

15. 100 Portraits– Check out this guy’s art, he posts daily and I look forward to them daily.

Now then 7 things about me:

1. I can pop my neck like over and over as well as my knuckles…it’s magical

2. I can do the thumb trick where it looks like I separate it from my hand…I learned it from Encino Man

3. I have seen Home Alone no less than 1,000 times thanks to my little brother

4. I have seen Napoleon Dynamite that much but that was my own doing

5. I know the words to “Lean On Me”, “Straight Up Now Tell Me” and “My Prerogative” (That’s right Bobby Brown for your ass)

6. If I were cold enough I would be willing to cut an animal open and sleep in its carcass (I saw it on Discovery, I think)

7. I am voting for the sexiest president therefore Newt Gingrich is the man, he’s captured my attention and sets fire to my loins.

That is all.


27 responses to “I Sneak Up and Hit Ya Like a *%$#@!*^ Tornado!

  1. I’m flattered. Off-beat though? That makes me sound like I have no rhythm. I don’t, but I didn’t know that was so obvious.

    Congrats on the award! And what is it about Newt that drives you nuts?

  2. Congrats, well deserved!
    Peace & grace,

  3. Newt Gingrich? Yeah, I can totally see that, because he really knows how to treat a woman.

  4. Sheena, though I’m sorely tempted to by your love of Napoleon Dynamite, I’ve concluded (not because of you) that the VBA is essentially a chain letter. I do appreciate your shout out to me though. You have an awesome site which is why I blogrolled you.

    • Yeah it probably is, but hey, a great way to show some love nonetheless, which is why I put it on there. I gotta put you and a list of others on my blogroll, I usually do it collectively but yeah I need to get on that. Thanks GOSH!

  5. I learned the proper microwave time for gas station burritos from Encino Man…

  6. Thanks for the nod, and congrats on your award!

    • it’s a nomination, but just maybe….someday. Again kudos for blogging about that jerk off trying to steal your thunder. Nutella is yummy! LIVE a little

  7. Congratulations on your nomination!!!! It’s an awesome honor!!!

  8. Congratulations on your gong! Like many before me have suggested, it is well and truly deserved.

    How nerdily awesome is Napoleon Dynamite?

    You should probably speak to an orthopaedic specialist about your neck.

    • Thanks so much. Napoleon is my nerd crush no doubt, and I have loved that movie since day one. When I saw his t-shirt with the horses I knew I had to see it immediately. Perhaps there is something wrong with my neck, I like to think not, by pretending so it makes it go away.

  9. “I am voting for the sexiest president therefore Newt Gingrich is the man, he’s captured my attention and sets fire to my loins.”
    Your loins need to raise their standards! They can do so much better!

  10. bows (~_~) humble

    congrats… well deserved

  11. Newt? wow. speechless.

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