Angels, They’re SMART

I have compiled a list of things that Angels can do. If you didn’t know before, prepare to know now. Check it:

Angels can star in movies and have The Goo Goo Dolls yes, you got that right the Goo Goo Dolls (biggest cleft chin ever on that lead singer he’s like Glen Quagmire) make up a really super meaningful song for the soundtrack.


Play in a awesome jam band.

Attend Comic Con in a freaking fantastic costume


Camouflage themselves in the snow

Watch you sleep and obviously provide a gentle ambiance of light, in case you need to get up and use the restroom sometime during the night

Help children of all races cross dangerous bridges and streams.

Measure anything at any time because they carry rulers with them always.

Kick anybody’s ass

They can take an excellent group picture with out that one person having their eyes closed or looking away, they’re always ready, always photogenic.

Always down to go to GWAR concerts

Obviously angels do people things better. You have been schooled. Also, does anyone know a good angel mechanic?


29 responses to “Angels, They’re SMART

  1. I lost the perspective of angles ever since they and their rally monkey beat the Yankees in the World Series almost a decade ago.

  2. Hey, you forgot the Victoria’s Secret Angels! Or maybe they don’t quite fit the comic profile you were looking for here. Yeah, that’s probably it.

    My wife made a sand angel one time when we were all alone at the beach. Actually, I helped her make it. It wasn’t quite as symmetrical as your snow angel, but it did look somewhat similar to yours… Lol

  3. Nice reference to the Goo goo dolls and city of angels. Brings back memories of being young and actually listening to their music.

  4. I just laughed my way to a one way ticket to H-E- double hockey sticks.

    It was sooo worth it.

  5. You know GWAR?! Now I’m impressed.

  6. Angels as nightlights…BRILLIANT.

  7. Two words: Sheet angels.

  8. My angels are confused. It’s always the black bridge crossing angel and the last goth angel that I see hovering over my bed instead of night light lady angel.
    You know I would say screw the car and give me the damned wings. I’m just sayin’.

    • I prefer my room dark when I sleep so I’ll send my night stalker angel to you, I would like to have wings but they seem like they would hinder me reclining in a Lazyboy.

  9. The only thing worse than muscle bound Nic Cage is weepy Nic Cage.

  10. I love it when they provide a nightlight, so I don’t accidentally step on my dog or one of his chew toys.

    And I gotta say, my favorite angel is Affleck in Dogma.

  11. So detailed. You really took your time to think Angles” Sheena. Fantastic post…..recently I met three Angles that are in Car dealership, Plumbing & yeah one was a drag-queen too.

  12. This is very inspiring. I love angels.

  13. The Angels from Supernatural are my personal favorites. They’re righteous douchebgas – but in a cool way!

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