Whoopin’ Asses Stopin’ 9-11 Crashes…


Recently, a very famous Mark Whalberg made some statements about his being very able to stop the 9-11 attacks had he been on board. I imagine this kind of talk might acceptable in a social circle with the guys. I’m sure then the dudes he was sharing some beers with would have hardly noticed the comment and continued on to their favorite subjects farts, lemon parties, and football ( I don’t know but in my mind that’s all guys talk about). Oh yeah AND their penises.  Unfortunately he said this in an interview for the world to hear and I can see where it can be taken offensively, though I doubt Mark Whalberg, brother to Thug Life For Real Donnie Whalberg, meant it that way.


Back to the story, I provided a link: Marky Mark kicks al-Qaeda ass without taking names that explains both comments made and now his public apology in order to restore the good vibrations, come on, feel it, feel it.

Upon reading this article I couldn’t help but notice that Mark is somewhat of a bro. His comments of grandiosity were as outlandish as any drunken jock at a RoofieFest 2010.  His whole fantasy played out as if he has seen Con-Air no less than 100 times.

Despite the comments, and how dumb they were, I still have the hots for Mark Whalberg, I would even take the crazed stalker Mark from Fear…”You and me Sheena, or else…” I myself have had like, 50 dreams about that.





25 responses to “Whoopin’ Asses Stopin’ 9-11 Crashes…

  1. Truth is some people just get carried away and forget who or where they are. Good for him to apologise.

  2. little known fact, I work as a correctional officer (prison guard) little over a year ago, inmate Como’ (I m sure you can google this) escaped by using a pistol (how’d he get a pistol?) while on a transport (in a van) threatened to shoot the officers if they didn’t do as he said. He escaped and was found a week later. Fellow officers all stated that they would have done something to prevent this. But the truth is you don’t know the circumstances and what you would do till that time comes.

    As with Walberg, he can’t say what he’d do cause he doesn’t know what went on during this flight. Is he a certified jumbo jet pilot? Is he Chuck Norris now? This is a little off the charts and hits home. He would have done better saying what I always say. “I would rather die with honor than to live as a coward. ”

    Your usual crafty humor made me smile while I read this touching article where you paint men as dawgs. (woof) I enjoy reading you!
    (~_~) Art~

    • Ha ha! I don’t think men are all dogs but is too fun to paint that picture! A lot of people want to think they would have done it better or saved the day ahem ego? I never really thought I’d save anyone if I were there I thought how terrified I would be. Thanks Art, stay safe, thanks for reading 🙂

  3. As for someone who spent almost eighteen years married to a “Southie” I will tell you his remark reflects his culture more than his thought process. I’m glad he did change his mind, as it shows tremendous growth of character for someone from that part of Boston. Believe me, it’s rare.

    • Ah, I thought that had a little to do with it. I mean it really sounded like some guy talk at a local bar, really harmless guy talk. I can imagine though being directly affected where the comment hurt feelings. I will say though, there are ppl who directly make fun of it Family Guy comes to mind and no one holds them under the same scrutiny. It’s big of him to apologize though

  4. I like the guy. He always seems honest and genuine. http://wp.me/p1se8R-2au I thnk the questions from the interviewer set him up for ridule. I’m glad he apologized.

    • I think we as society give them hell, every little thing they say is under a microscope. I’ve always been a fan and doubt myself any ill will was meant. I’m sure he was kicking himself in the ass immediately. I suppose it’s the price you pay for being famous. I’m still going to watch his movies none the less and drool.

  5. Yes, I am very disappointed at Mark for what he said and hopes he can do something to redeem himself!! And I hope the family of all the lost souls of 9/11 didn’t take him too seriously….:( But I am still a fan and totally have the hots for him too!:)

    • I read it and I thought “Oh boy stuff is not gonna go well for him” because you can see he didn’t mean disrespect. I think there’s redemption for him though.

  6. You must have loved him in Date Night.

  7. do i see drool? continue…

  8. Six pack -whatever…that’s like 4 months of working out….this keg has taken 35 years …

  9. I heart Marky Mark and his Funky Bunch. I’m sure that he could have saved 9-11 by simply channeling his famous Boogie Nights character Dirk Diggler. I find the following Boogie Nights quote ironically appropriate :

    “You’re not the boss of me, Jack. You’re not the king of Dirk. I’m the boss of me. I’m the king of me. I’m Dirk Diggler. I’m the star. It’s my big dick and I say when we roll.”

    Now, should you be able to incorporate another sentence into that quote that had something to do with igniting flatulence, it would be the perfect man-i-can-save-the-world-cuz-my-penis-is-huge-and-you-should-worship-me mantra.

    Rock out with your cock out Marky Dirk. May you and your Funky Bunch rescue the world more successfully another day with your Good Vibrations.

    • I forgot about Boogie Nights ugh *hand hits forehead*. Yeah he should throw that line in somewhere, I think the backlash would have been worth it to drop a Boogie Nights line. You should write this scenario out I’ll illustrate…he he

  10. Yes, everyone says stupid things all the time. There’s a double-standard when it comes to celebs. It’s important to know that this heart was in the right place when he said it. Maybe instead of being so critical of the stupid things celebs say, we who listen to them should work on not being offended as easily.
    Peace & grace,

    • I agree, I was more amused by how silly his statement was but if he was some guy in a restaurant I’d “oh come on!” and I would laugh. They are not philosophers they’re entertainers. I feel for them, they strong people really. I would go crazy, it’s not meant for me to be famous too much pressure to say the right things. This will blow over like all dumb things celebrities say. Unless you ask if there is chicken in the tuna can, the world will not let Jessica Simpson forget that one…ever

  11. You’re allowed to lust after him, Sheena! Just don’t expect any pillow talk of a high-brow nature!

  12. Ha, that’s a classic from Jessica. For all the supposed flak celebs get for stupid things they say and do, deep down we the audience love it. It’s entertaining. It’s the same reason people rubberneck at an accidence, and why newspapers and the nightly news is filled with bad news instead of feel-good stories. It’s also the same reason no one really cares what Tom Hanks is up to, but people can’t stop talking about Mel Gibson and…well, I guess Mark Wahlberg now. 🙂

    I actually think Mel has the right idea on how to handle public perception. He refuses to be labeled by just one incident. And I don’t mean just the negative stories. He does a lot of charity work too, which much just confuse the hell out of a lot of people. But that’s how everyone is; complicated.

    • I agree. You know I think Mel Gibson made himself crazy. I have seen his movies and they are so good, that kind of genius doesn’t come without consequences. I was thinking about Mozart on my way to work actually and thought he was so talented he was dysfunctional. That’s just one example. I just know the more talented a person is it seems they are less in touch with reality…no thanks, I’ll be mediocre!!! 🙂

  13. I love that first picture you chose!

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