Urophagia, Google It

I am going to go out on a limb here, and assume urine tastes like Fresca. Why would I ponder the refreshment factor of said substance? Well, thanks to a thought-provoking  My Strange Addiction season finale, I have no choice but to reflect on several things; pee is described as “lemony”, people are willing to confess on national television just about anything, and I actually watch this shit.

Carrie is a 53 year-old woman who is drinking piss to battle cancer. I have never heard of urine being an alternative to medicinal therapy prior, but it can make you some money if you know some kinky business men in Vegas…not that I know. Her homeopathic approach is organic for sure and I know a hot toddy at her place is no bueno, I’ll have a lozenge, but thanks.

Well, now I’m curious and I consulted the all-knowing, definitive answer providing medium to my questions about urine; Google and Wikipedia.

Here are some urine facts that may be new to you:

1. Urine is highly concentrated with sodium. Meaning you can become dehydrated by drinking urine straight from tap. You need to dilute it with water. Otherwise, following consumption, you will have a raging thirst and demand more. More urine, more. MORE!!!!! If you need to replace elctrolytes try coconut water. In the event of catastrophe, you can drink your urine, it’s relatively safe to consume from a healthy person … as if you needed a reason right? High five!

"I'm concerned by the similarity between your urine and agave nectar"

2. Artificial sweeteners are excreted through the urine, and can make it taste sweeter. Adversely sugary urine that has a fruity smell is cause for concern as it can be indicative of diabetes. Make sure your loved ones are aware and seek professional testing, save a life ya’ll diabetes is serious.




3. Oral autotherapy is the term given to those who use urine for medical reasons as it is believed there is cancer cell antigens contained within. The term ‘amaroli’ is used to describe the practice of drinking one’s morning urine. This is part of ancient meditative practices to restore plasma melatonin levels and enhance meditation. double-blind studies have yet to be conducted to conclude validity of claims…as that would be a really mean joke.

"Dude...dude.... he DRANK it! I love science! You can do ANYTHING and call it an experiment!"


4. If you’re going to trip on ‘shrooms (dude…..bro) specifically, the Amanita muscaria you can avoid unpleasant side effects such as; nausea, vomiting, and increased sweat and saliva by drinking the pee of one who has ingested the hallucinogenic mushroom. The chemicals are not metabolized and remain just as potent when consumed via urine. Again, this could be a real practice made by the Koryak tribe of Siberia…or a really mean joke played on tourists.


"OMG, OMG, he's drinking it! He's so derp! Lolz!"


5. The Shewee is a portable device that allows women to stand while voiding. What does this mean to me? I am woman, fear me men, the one major disparaging difference in our abilities has been removed. There are no hurdles, no dirty toilet seats, no stopping women as a gender. I refuse to squat.

I'm standing next to a mountain, chop it down with the edge of my hand...

I hope today proved to be insightful, I sure learned a lot.I included a whole shit load of links so I sound smart too.  I hope you visit me again neighbor.

P.S. I wanted to share my Google searches that made this possible:

The health benefits of drinking my urine

Urine therapy

Urine fun facts

How can I pee standing up?


75 responses to “Urophagia, Google It

  1. Hmm..
    How to tastefully reply to this overload of information …

    Anything I say will be used against me.

    Fascinating nevertheless. 🙂

  2. I saw the COMMERCIAL for this program and changed the channel. I didn’t watch the program but I still think someone should intervene on this woman’s behalf!


    • I’m on the fence having read so much, too much, about alternative therapy and urine. It’s apparently harmless for the most part just well, ya know, gross? The Romans that occupied the Spanish region apparently brushed their teeth with it, and it whitened their teeth! Yeah, I have been a nerd today 🙂

  3. I totally disagree with you.
    I spent moving around India many years and the use of “Urinotherapy” is well known and radicated on population.
    You cannot approach “Omeopatic Medicine” with our system
    call “Traditional Medicine” the Omeopatic system follow the person and the symptoms he feel;
    our Medicine don’t care about the person but only about the kind of sickness.
    Last but no least a Traditional Doctor cannot approve the Omeopatic because represent the opposite way to cure.
    In Europe in the last 10 years the percentage of people use Omeopatic increase from around 10% to 18.5% especially on Wealthy and High Learning Population,

    • We know the Western world is reluctant to do anything that’s not coming out of a laboratory. That’s how we do it, I don’t agree, but it’s life here. I have read up on a lot of homeopathic and Eastern medicine, I respect it a lot. I do a lot of natural remedies, I wish docotors here would embrace it too. Maybe not pee….but herbs and what not 🙂

  4. I have longed to pee standing up. I feel like it’s the only thing holding me back from making up that 30% income deficit to my male counter parts. Thanks SheWee!

  5. I have heard that when lost at sea, sailors are trained to collect their urine and “reabsorb” it by delivery through a makeshift enema. This way they don’t gag or throw up. I think the Navy needs to hear about this woman. They could totally revamp their training.

  6. All I can say is eeewww! I’ll stick to traditional western medicine, thank you very much.

  7. The next time our office runs out of Truvia or Sweet n Low I’m going to offer to pop a squat over everyone’s coffee cup.

  8. I once dating a guy who said he bathed in his own urine. It was both the first and last date. Yeah, he was a real pisser.

  9. I will never be able to UNsee that youtube video. The images of that woman brushing her teeth and washing her face with her own urine will forever be burned into my brain. It would take cremating Dr. Freud’s remains, rolling up his ashes into a little psychiatrist cigarette, and then smoking them to erase those memories. And where the hell am I supposed to score a dime-bag of Freud nearly 100 years after the guy died??

    Thanks a bunch. I hope you’re happy….

  10. I think I’m going to be ill.

    It was also used as a hair dye (to lighten) way back when.
    And you’re right, there isn’t anything wrong with it except for the social stigma. Which I wholeheartedly subscribe to.

    • Yep, can’t help b/c of how I grew up. It’s probably safer than the pesticides we put on our fruit. None the less, it makes you wince to watch the TLC clip.

  11. The pee drinking lady is definitely gross, but toenail lady and cat treat lady (both on the same show) come close. Just imagine what cat treat lady’s breath must smell like. I am diabetic but that’s a whole lot easier (and more accurate) to monitor with a blood sugar meter. I don’t need to drink my pee to know how much sugar is in it. As far as whitening my teeth, I think I’ll stick to Colgate Total. 🙂

    • I love all the shows really, but yeah I thought about her breath too! I also thought it was impossible that her friends didn’t notice her breath always smelled like cat food! I agree that a standard glucose meter would be better and probably more accurate monitoring!

  12. You missed asparagus and urine. Per webmd, “Depending on which study you read, between 22% and 50% of the population report having pungent pee after eating asparagus. But that doesn’t mean only some people’s bodies generate that smell. Researchers believe that, during digestion, the vegetable’s sulfurous amino acids break down into smelly chemical components in all people. And because those components are “volatile,” meaning airborne, the odor wafts upward as the urine leaves the body and can be detected as soon as 15 minutes after you eat this spring delicacy.”

    • I read it and also that only 40 % of the population can smell it? I don’t know how true that one is. The lady says it makes it taste bad too. I love asparagus, I’m glad I can enjoy it without worrying what my pee will taste like 🙂

  13. I was just thinking that if urine could taste like lemon would this mornings personal deposit have tasted like the beer I was drinking last night? It did have a head on it . Rather anemic looking, but a head none the less.Oh yes and before it can get started , no way in hell am I going to personally try it ………..

    • Inquiring minds? he he, I’m willing to bet beer tastes much worse upon your first voiding of the day…

    • My old man likes to get smashed on Natural Lite. I’ve tried Nattys- they’re most craptacular, btw- and though I have not tried drinking pee (nor will I,) I would wager pee would likely prove to be more flavorful than Natty Lite. I would hope you have better taste in lager, especially should you plan on drinking it “slightly used.”

  14. I’m with Steve as I think my urine starts to smell like asparagus 10 seconds after swallowing the first bite. Because I’m sure you want to more, here ya go. http://dsc.discovery.com/guides/skinny-on/asparagus.html

  15. Oh noooo… lol
    This is too well written for such a disgusting topic!
    Now I can’t finish my tea. Thank you Sheena! 😀

  16. Okayyy, if urine tasted like agave nectar I would definitely be peeing into my tea every evening.

  17. You’ve successfully left me without words. Congratulations.

  18. “seek professional testing, “…or professional tasting. LOVE the shewee…wish i invented it. and i can assure you that pee tastes like piss. continue…

  19. There is so much here, that I didn’t need to know. ‘A Friend’ bought a shewee for his wife, then told us all about it, she was suitably impressed by that. Although there were no volunteer tasters. And for the shewee toting gal, you can now get Y-fronts for the swewee’er, designed for the user who hangs neither left or right. That last is so I can feel I added something constructive to the conversation.


    • I think the shewee is silly but at the same time kind of awesome. It’s terrible having to hover over gross toilets! I didn’t know there was a Y-front..craziness!

  20. And I thought the couch eater or even the comet cleanser eater was odd~!!! FREAKS!!!

    I apologize if you eat couches, comet or urnine.

  21. I feel robbed that I can’t watch this video now. Looks like they didn’t let it stay up for very long. “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content.” It didn’t sound nude or sexual; just gross . . . which intrigues me.

  22. Oh ye inexperienced urban ladies 🙂

    Farm girls learn at an early age how to properly micturate without the use of a ‘shewee’, in a standing pose.

    As a farm lad in snow country, there’s a certain art form, rather like graffitti artists in cities, that has sprung up using the stain readily available at the source.

    Men seem to excel at it, however, some women are able to dot the i’s and cross the t’s when spelling one’s name in the snow.

    That talent requires the reflexes of a purse-snatcher and the agility of a ballroom dancer.

    Highly entertaining.

    • I’ve had to squat on country roads before, it’s Tennessee ya know, but this shewee is looking better everytime I talk about it. I just don’t want to carry that thing around. I hate purses and I don’t think ppl would understand if that were hanging out of my pocket 😦

  23. What about the athlete’s feet remedy? Is that true?

    • Madonna swears by it on Letterman. It seems urine has anti-inflammatory properties as well! So, yeah I’ll guess it does help 🙂 It also seems that peeing on jellyfish stings will not reduce the pain. Maybe the swelling? Not the pain. Um….I know far too much about urine now. I was drawn into the Ayurveda part of it actually…the use in ancient India and China…wow.

  24. A tooth whitener…hmm…

    I love the photo for #2 “It concerns me…” lol

    • Her face looked so concerned I picked her, there was a bunch of sexy ones…but I only want this post to be kind of sexy (ha ha) not totally sexy like so many of my other ones (again ha ha!)

      • Great choice! Her kind-of-sexy concern is so sincere, so authentic… such pathos!
        I enjoyed this post a lot. Looking forward to more sexy pictures of concerned people.
        So…. I have to ask: How much money would someone have to offer you to test urine as a tooth whitener? I think I’d do it if someone paid my rent for a month. Or two. idk…Maybe i’d chicken out completely….

      • I would totally do it for a month’s rent, but I would be reluctant to tell everyone. I would however buy a sweet MP3 player to help ease my shame…oh oh and a new tattoo…and and and….know anyone paying for this? Ha ha! I will most def post more sexy concerned ppl for you, but not about poop. That’s too far, maybe.

  25. Jesus fuck that’s disgusting!
    I can’t judge since I don’t have cancer but I think I’d take my chemo and my medical weed and call it a day.

    • Yeah I’d probably smoke medicinal weed and eat chocolate cake everyday if it was terminal. This lady, is crazy to me b/c she quit going to the doc as well. I mean let him check it all out, see if the therapy works? The more I studied this urine therapy the more I am discovering it’s still pretty common, wow! She takes it really far though, it seems drops under the tongue is most common…not chugging it like gatoraide…

  26. So, expressive when you write I love it!!

  27. I love it how the pee-standing-device sounds like the “schwing!” from Wayne’s World… and I love that you went through such an interesting post without mentioning golden showers!

    • Yeah you know I even had a joke but deleted it. I wanted to challenge myself, it’s so funny you mention that! Waynes World, Party Time, Excellent!!!!!

      • I have fond memories of Wayne’s World when I was young. In hindsight, Mike Myers annoys the hell out of me.

      • I know! Ha ha! I don’t just love him, but I watched Cat In The Hat with my son, and I must admit I rather liked it as far as kid movies go (so many adult references holy cow). Mike Meyers has a place in my heart only for being on SNL and my mom and I would watch it with a big bowl of popcorn laughing at “coffee talk” and of course, Chris Farley 🙂 nostalgia…ahhhhh

  28. Only Sheena could turn the topic of urine into something not only funny but informative as well, without this article I never would have known that not only was there a device that allows women to pee while standing, but that that they would even wish to stand to void, who knew!

    Thanks Sheena!

    • Yeah, Ink — I was blissfully unaware of those inner yearnings of womankind until my eyes were opened by this informative posting.

      Someone pass me the eyebleach, please. 🙂

  29. I have to test my return to the WP society with this comment. feel lucky I didn’t go to a Freshly Pressed article (that I never read) to put a comment on there that’ll get lost forever….. which makes no sense why I purposefully avoid FP even though that is what it’d take to generate the most site hits which is half of the purpose of all of these sites… to have people entertained by nonsense.

  30. hehe every time I hear dat gangsta song from Office Space, I want to beat up my printer

    • YES! I still love that movie, I never worked in an office but I have worked some miserable ass jobs!

      • Re: Nasty assed jobs–

        I’ve wrangled cows, milked same, shoveled shit, waited tables at a posh country club, dealt with snippy customers from Eastern Europe where toilets are still a novelty, was a ball washer at a driving range, threw pies at a pizza parlor, fixed fences, chopped wood, sold lift tickets to nasty yuppies at a ski lodge..

        Of them all, I think the shit shoveling job was the best.

        Just you, the shovel, and the shit.

        No backtalk. Peaceful. Nobody comes near you. What’s not to like?

        Your turn 🙂

  31. ooooooh, being able to pee standing was my dream and now you’ve just made it possible!!! LOL

  32. I’ll try to type this between vomiting from the thought of drinking urine…

    I love My Strange Addiction! I can’t get enough of those shows (ironic, no?). There’s a new show called My Crazy Obsession (or something like that). It’s just as good. I think the main purpose of those shows is to make the viewers realize how normal they are.

    • Yeah I watch all of those, I love them all! I am beginning to think some episodes are fake though, or embellished way more than others…hmmm

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