Jesse Spano Is Excited

Addiction defined as a preoccupation with a substance or behavior despite the consequences. This isn’t limited to alcohol, drugs, gambling, and sex. Well, you know the addictions that are cool. No, addiction can be related to a multitude of things. Another TLC network favorite of mine: My Strange Addiction. Great show. Trust.

Off the top of my head I can recall an addiction to dryer sheets, rocks (yes eating them like it’s The Never Ending Story), cremated ashes, drywall, and powdered cleaning supplies. The show documents the effects of the addiction on the individual and then later consults a healthcare professional to weigh in on the obvious: that shit’s bananas, no one should eat non-food items.

How traumatic would it be to be sexually abused by someone wearing the hide of your family members? mindfuckery.

If you have watched, you are aware the show presents with the addiction initially, then follows up with it’s genesis. This is where I get confused. Almost every episode gives a similar synopses. The person fixates on the olfactory or tactile gratification, and then somehow they make the connection to eat it. Instantly they pursue a life centered around such item with  absolute recklessness. You know like how Seigfried and Roy were addicted to tiger sex, even after a life threatening brutal attack on Roy. An attack, by the way, The Simpson’s eerily predicted…super fans will know what I speak of, can’t find the video, but click on the link if you don’t believe me.

Anypoop, the most disturbing part of this show is how a simple household item can send a person into such a downward spiral. If the show is even real (doubt it) then these people take one bite and they’re done unable to control their impluses. Every episode explains it that way, like it’s an after school special. Or that episode of Saved by the Bell when Jesse was addicted to energy pills (“I’m so excited, I’m so excited…I’m sooo scared Zach! Bwaha huh huh!”) I’m compelled to say that while there are kind hearts that have sympathy for heroin addicts, no one would understand an addiction to baby powder, you’re just considered weird. Furthermore, how many support groups are there for addiction to commercial items?

Most troublesome is, I wonder if my brain is a ticking time bomb. Will there be a product that will push me over the edge? While I spray my kitchen counter with Method ( oh the lavender is lovely) I do enjoy the smell. My brain still tells me drinking it would be a bad idea, and I opt for water with lemon instead.

Burt’s Bees has created a line of hygiene products that smell delectable called Gud. You know, with the funny dots over the U… yeah, I don’t know how to type that. The Vanilla is unreal. The smell is heaven. If I were to try any non edible product based on smell, that would be it. I haven’t made that jump but when I spray the body spray on myself I lift my shirt to my nose several times a day and feel utter elation as I inhale the vanilla ecstasy. What if? I hope it’s not all that toxic, should my brain make a neuro pathway from which I cannot disassociate. Thanks TLC, always keeping me entertained. I waste many hours of my life gawking at medical oddities and unusual human behavior.

Also please be sure to check out a blog called Bugwear it’s wonderfully girly!


34 responses to “Jesse Spano Is Excited

  1. There’s no shortage of TV to make you feel more noirmal than you probably have in a while. I wonder, though, if people addicted to eating powdered cleaning supplies have whiter teeth. And word is your male coworkers are addicted to when you lift you shirt to smell the vanilla. Might watch that.

  2. I was watching the Strange Addiction show last night. There were several episodes on, but I found cat treat lady, mothball lady, and drain hair digger dude to be the most intriguing.

    There is a practical application for the perfume on the shirt though. I had to go to the customer service window at Walmart with my son on Saturday and the poor cashier had her turtleneck up over her nose. The reason? She’d had a stinky at the desk who had departed right before we arrived. I am sure in that Walmart encountering stinkies would likely be a common occurrence. When we asked her why she had her turtleneck up over her nose she said she always sprays the neck area of her shirts with cologne for just such an emergency.

    I don’t know why but I am reminded of an old ad I found that recommended douching with Lysol cleaner for a fresher smelling feminine aperture:
    So much for the good old days. I’ll go back to huffing Chanel #5.

    • ha ha ha! I am guessing this happens to her a lot if she has a plan of action…poor girl! I love that show, I’ve seen all the one’s you mentioned. Adult baby still is my favorite of all time.

  3. Oh my…I’m busting a gut over here (Jesse Spano… “I’m so excited…I’m so excited…I’M SO SCARED!!!) my girlfriends had our own “BUAH HA HA!” marathons over this and were fortunate enough to happen upon it – while pleasantly tipsy and flipping channels! – not too long ago. You can imagine.
    Anyhoo, great post, loved it…though have to admit, disappointed you didn’t touch on the guy who is addicted (or rather “in love with”) his car 😛
    Thanks for the chuckle 🙂

    • Somehow he got past me, I know who you’re talking about and TLC posted a follow up video on their website. The two are still in love! ha ha! His dad won’t talk to him anymore though…:/ Everytime I would flip through channels I would hope it would be this episode of Saved By The Bell it’s my favorite one to make fun of, it’s awesome!

  4. Yeah I saw the one about “being in love” with his car. Was on Soup which is how I wound up watching it. The video of him coming out to his dad was priceless. lol

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  6. I could get addicted to flavored chapsticks. It’s similar to that paste-eating phase that some kids go through, except that in addition to the texture, it tastes good.

  7. More to worry about. Axe, Summers Eve, K Y (hers) and Fresh Step cat litter and don’t forget urine and gas.I guess everybody has to have a goal in life.Makes sword swallowing seem tame.

  8. Lots of people used to do something similar to inhaling Burts Bees. It was called Sniffing Glue. If you wake up one morning with pink hair and a safety pin through your nose consider that a warning sign…

  9. Waiting for new season,with baited breath.Breath?BREATH??!!! Bagged Breath.Bag it like chips,no flavor hint.Open under nose and try to guess what you got. $$$$$$$

  10. Nice to see you back in the game, Sheena. Fun post. 🙂 The show could be fake, but when it comes to human psycho-pathology there just seems to be no end to the infinite supply of weirdness and unfathomably bizarre behaviors. But hey, it can make for good blogging material!

  11. Now, waitaminute. I always assumed that cleaning products, makeup, soaps & such were given fruity and spicy flavors because girls ate them when we weren’t looking. You’re a whole different species with different nutritional needs. That’s why the soap disappears so fast, right? My gf is licking it when I’m not around. Are you saying you DON’T eat the vanilla-flavored deodorant?

  12. I don’t usually like food scented candles because they make me hungry.

  13. I loved the guy who was in a relationship with his car!

  14. I hate scented candles too make me hungry! even those strawberry lip balms! great post sheen! thanks for visiting my blog *e-hug*

  15. I’m addicted to the smell of my dog’s shampoo! I can smooshing my face into his fur after we give him a bath.

  16. RU serious about Sigf. and/or Roy boinking their putty-tats?

  17. I don’t think you need to worry about being pushed over the edge.
    I mean, once you’re there, you’re there, right?

  18. Great post–what the hell is the girl in the pics drinking? Not gas, I hope, wouldn’t that kill you pretty quickly? Is the art show your art? If so, when do your adoring blogfans get to see it? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • I will blog about it when I have it, yes it’s my art. That is gas, that was a really crazy episode. There was one about a woman who sniffs gas too. Thanks though, since you asked, I’ll keep everyone posted 🙂

  19. Sheena, thanx for the GUD tip…ah loves me some vanilla. continue…

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