Death > Kids Bop

I know I used to be a kid, but even as a younger me I didn’t always mesh with other children. I preferred the company of adults. So, naturally as I got older, I’m no Dugger at heart. My standard tolerance of children is limited in capacity, like, 1.5 children per day. Yeah that’s the calculation I came up with, don’t argue it’s a series of complicated mathematical theorems and it’s SMART.

Don’t get it twisted, I care about children and I do love them. I am outraged by any harmful acts on a child. I love their innocence and honesty. However, some kids, are so annoying I want to improvise a home sterilization kit that will render my eggs more useless than a Beanie Baby collection.

Here are the type of kids that I find most offensive, trust their parents are to blame for letting these things happen:

1. Real life Garbage Pail Kids

We all know that children’s hands are a reservoir for infectious disease and all things yuck. My son’s hands retain a slimy, and sticky texture after several vigorous hand washing attempts. My car windows are petri dishes for bacterial growth studies. Some kids, however, are really filthy. Particularly snot nosed, booger eaters. Never mind their cooties, they are one sneeze away from a mucous eruption. There is nothing worse than a kid who wants to engage in play with a nose full of nuggets. I absently pick a dangler or two from my son’s nose so as not to let it get to this level of gross. I can’t help but think “Bloody hell the wee bugger is going to breathe too hard and a booger is going to catapult itself onto me. What will I do then? I’m going to scream, how will I stifle it?” I watched one kid pick a booger off the floor once and eat it, double whammy disgusting. Who the hell did that kid belong to?

2. Kid Scientists

Know-it-all adults have know-it-all kids that are annoying. These adults and kids alike seem to lack mature knowledge that’s more applicable to daily life.  I have never had an intelligent debate with even a kid, much less, one convince me I’m wrong due to compelling argument. Hey kid, no adult gauges intelligence by knowledge of dinosaurs, mummies and Cartoon Network characters. Newsflash, “Nuh uh!” is not a definitive argument settler. If this kid can tell me how to achieve a high yield investment on my IRA, I might care. Otherwise, I’m steady looking for his mother, who should teach her kid that it’s rude to be an elitist turd and that no one is nice to nerds until they’re rich adults. Don’t get it Screeched and run away potential friends with an overly hostile stance on the exact era of the Byzantine Empire.

3. Evil Children

Evil Children scare me more than evil adults, always. First of all, I have an innate sense to nurture and be kind to kiddos (even gross know-it-alls). When they are evil they fuck up my sensibilities. Thanks to Pet Semetary, far away toddler laughter sounds sinister to me, especially if it echos. I mean, what’s more scary than a really strong little kid that can easily hide under furniture and in closets? You can’t outwit evil children like you could a normal kid. They don’t care if Santa won’t bring them gifts because they would murder him too. Evil kids also derive more joy from being evil. They’re always laughing, as if matricide is hysterical in nature.

4. “Indigo Children”

So…this kid can travel to the world of my 3rd grade Trapper Keeper? Yep!

This is separate from kids that have legitimate behavior issues: A term created to describe, well, kids that act like turds. Meaning they have parents that allow them to feel a “strong sense of entitlement”. To which my father would have said, “Hey, I’m the big cheese, you’re the little cheese, I run things here.” I knew my place. Also a “resistance to rigid, control-based paradigms of authority” meaning, they get to do what they want far too much. I’m sorry mom, but your brat is not more special than my kid, he probably has behavioral issues brought on by lack of discipline, not a paranormal ability or intuition. So while he may be destined for greatness (like playing the John Edward guessing game), he still needs to put Play-doh back in it’s container before it dries up. Time for time out, trust, it’s a good thing. Kids aren’t usually intuitive as much as egocentric, so do you really think they make sound decisions for themselves? So they live with us for eighteen years for what? Yeah, I didn’t think so. A boundary here and there isn’t going to stifle anything other than that child becoming an adult jerk.

I’m not saying I got this parenting thing down but I do try to teach my kid to be socially aware of someone besides himself. I don’t know for sure if myself and him are lumped in the annoying category…probably. BUT we are not guilty of the above violations, at least. *shrug*


21 responses to “Death > Kids Bop

  1. Frivolous Monsters

    Can I ask, after seeing one on South Park and hearing it mentioned somewhere else, what is a Trapper Keeper?

    • It was the single most awesome piece of school supplies you could own. a three ring binder that had a flap and bad ass computer graphics on it!

  2. Bad parents give their children light beer.

  3. Another great post, and that makes two in a row! You’re on a roll, Sheena.
    Hey, I love kids. As long as they are other people’s kids, and I can send them home with their parents at the end of the day. Lol

    • This doesn’t account for the 79 others…kidding. I would love to say I’m on a roll, but those have been too far and few this month. Writers block ugh! Thank you so much though. Yeah, I’m not the best with large groups of kids, so no desire to be a school teacher, really bless them, all of them…unless they try to date their students..shame on them.

      • Yeah, teachers dating their students is generally frowned upon by most people – unless you’re a 14 year old boy… and then it becomes a fervent hope! I know, cause I used to be a 14 year old boy, and I would have loved to date some of my teachers back then. But… it never happened, and just became another heartbreak on the long and painful road of adolescence. Sigh!

      • I can take one kid at a time. The POMC used to drive me nuts when he would drag in five or ten of his friends to hang out with him at almost all times. Nothing like a pack of teenage boys to eat you out of house and home – and shoot BBs into your (plaster not drywall) walls.

  4. Haha! I can take kids in doses. You are my long lost twin with a cooler name because “Sheena is a punk rocker.”

  5. As a general rule, I adore pretty much all kids, but I know a kid who is a combo of #2 and #4. I really cannot stand that kid.

  6. I was the nerd who got beat up, so I have some sympathy for those kind of kids. Now I pretty much don’t mind kids except the “Garbage Pail” variety (and I had to rescue my own son from becoming one of those almost daily, the snot emitting beast) and the spoiled little harpies that their parents allow to scream all the way through Target. I hate it when some screaming brat who is old enough to be made to behave distracts me so bad I forget to get either the toilet paper or my scripts.

  7. I totally get this post! As much as I hate some kids, I know it’s their parents who allowed them to degenerate into the little monsters that they are. The sheltering, over-protective parents whose little “angels” can do no wrong, even if they’re throwing things at dogs and bullying cats.

    One time, we had guests around so our dogs had to go into their play-pen. This kid was throwing things at the dogs from the safety of being outside the play-pen… so I caught him and put him inside with the dogs until he cried his horrid little eyes out.

  8. You are so right…loved this one and that last pic…classic, looked like one of the kids from the last apartment complex I lived in.

  9. Once they learn to roll their own smokes they seem to mellow down some and it gives those little hands something to do.However,it becomes a worrisome guessing game when they lick it for that final twist and you just can’t remember what they had for a snack.That color,,,did he/she get into my Hershey stash???

  10. “I want to improvise a home sterilization kit that will render my eggs more useless than a Beanie Baby collection.” When you make that, can I have one?

  11. We are flashmobbing Hotspur today. I thought you might be interested in helping. For more details:

  12. My purpley yellow children could whoop an indigo kid’s ass in a manners and awesomness war. Seriously. I hear that indigo bullshit and I want to high five their parents in the face with a quartz crystal that’s charged with the energy of the STFU Goddess.

    • yes! I mean there are things like autism and adhd, totally, but then there are kids that act like buttheads b/c their parents think they’re too special for punishment…sigh. Craziness!

  13. Very true – especially your point 3…

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