Excuse Me, I Just Arted

Hello WordPress citizens and illegal aliens! I made mention of my art show in prior comments, but never in my actual blog. Some of you may be surprised to even know I’m involved in the arts. That’s because you never pay attention to me in this one-sided relationship, where has the magic gone? Aren’t you attracted to me anymore? I feel so unappreciated. What’s happened to us? You use me.

Seriously, Friday night was a big deal in the life of Sheena. I had a 10 piece art show with other local artists who, I got to say had mad talent. I felt that initial panic when I started hanging my work next to these folks. I felt like I wasn’t up to par, you know like Chloe Kardashian or the balding Bee Gee. I for one would be envious of such lustrous, beautiful hair belonging to the other two Bee Gee members. I imagine the amniotic fluid of celebrity babies achieved their crown of glorious locks or some kind of Satanic practice.

This is the hair sonnets were written about.

The evening went perfect. I was immersed in a collection of people who share the same passion I do for art. Not the patronizing, “Oh, nice…okay so did you see the monkey on You Tube that drinks it’s own pee?” I haven’t looked yet, but I’m sure this is available on there, monkeys are dumb. I mean so you’re the smartest animal next to humans…that’s still pretty dumb. I love being the dominant species, and drinking Red Bull instead of urine. Well, same difference really…

Oh yeah, the art show. There was live music and performances, wine and sangria…cookies. I mean, could it go bad? Well sadly, my camera has pictures of my complete display and as luck would have it I cannot find my cord so I may load the pics. Well, I have managed to come up with a couple of pics:

This is the piece I sold!

The above is a take on Loteria Cards. It’s a traditional Mexican card game of chance like Bingo (so it’s a geriatric favorite there too?). I fell in lust with the art on them and made some pop art out of them. I would like to personally thank my rug from Big Lots for the color scheme!

The following were entered in my art show as well!

“Garden View” I imagine that Frida Khalo looked out of her window to this every morning…

“Anatomical Heart” well…duh…this is why you never throw away canvas ya’ll just paint that shit black and start over- making lemonaide out of lemons!

“Sugar Skulls” Rob Zombie’s “Living Dead Girl” always comes to mind…I can’t help it!

Hopefully, I can get the pictures loaded up and share them soon. How lame of me. Also, I am working on an Esty page and a website for my art so please, stay tuned, don’t change that dial.

Third glass of wine and a sale…yeah I’m feeling great!

This was organized by In Galleries Art if you happen to live in Nastyville, TN perhaps there’s some art you can peep? I mean what else are ya’ll gonna do? Don’t say country music karaoke! What are you a tourist? Check them out the art scene here is dope.


UPDATE: The camera cord crisis has been solved, it was under my Archie Bunker armchair all along (thanks Salvation Army you know I love your furniture). Here are some pictures of the rest of my art show:


52 responses to “Excuse Me, I Just Arted

  1. Sheena,
    These are great! Holy crap. I had no clue… Enjoy the booze, and all the praise that’s coming your way.
    Le Clown

  2. Wonderful stuff Sheena. Ya got skills girl. And congrats on the sale!very cool!

  3. Fantastic!! Love your work! 🙂

  4. I never knew you are an artist, no wonder I felt like you are my soul sister 😉

  5. Hey there! I for one, remember you saying a while back that you were scarce on WP because you were working on Art. I can now see that it was time well spent, cause I think your stuff is very good. I like “Garden View” a lot, and I can see a little bit of Frida Khalo in your work. Congrats of the sale, and it’s nice to see you looking so happy! 🙂

    • Thanks, yes Mexican art is a big inspiration. I’ll admit that the murals is one of the major reasons I go to my fav Mex restaurant! The colors and their use of warm oranges and reds in contrast to a peacock like blue…cannot be a more beautiful combo! Thanks again, I am so glad it went so well! Plus, I just love to be around so much talent, I get so many ideas. The other artists were amazing. Perhaps I can get permission to put a pic or two up if they don’t care. I got to load mine up still. 🙂 yay

  6. Hi and wow! I’m totally impressed, I’ve always enjoyed your blog but I haven’t visited for a minute. Love the intimate vibe you’re giving off with showing your art and a picture of you, so cute 🙂 Oh, and what I really wanted to say is: your painting “Sugar Skulls” is siiiicckkkkk (that’s in a good way of course, you’re like, my age aren’t you?)

    • Probably we’re the same-ish age so sick is totally a compliment! thank you. Yeah, you know I’ve been doing this blog over a year and a little intimacy is unavoidable. I mean I like like my fans (lol it sounds silly saying fans…followers? readers?) I have a hard time visiting blogs myself, I get busy busy 🙂

      • When I clicked “follow” on your blog, I was definitely feeling like a fan. I thought “this chick rocks!” I appreciate your humor, is what it is. “I Just Arted”? I could never say that. I was even grossed out a little, haha. But you inspire me to be more honest on my blog, which you should definitely check out if you ever have the time. 🙂

      • sweet, it will be my pleasure, I’m not sure how I didn’t follow you, I tend to follow ppl when they follow me (like minded ppl and all that) I’ll tell ya honesty in the blog is cathartic, this can serve as a journal at times. Every now and then I’m writing some deep stuff but making it funny b/c I need it to be funny. It’s therapy of sorts. cool, I’ll check ya out. Love the Bettie bangs!

  7. The piece you sold looks awesome. I like the Mexican art theme. For each show, do you try and go with a different theme? Or is it whatever you happen to be working on for the moment?

    • My actual style is all over the place (surrealism, pop art, and psychedelic influence mostly). Color is usually the most important, I like them vibrant. The piece that sold was definitely a new direction. The color scheme and style was inspired by Jeremy Fish though his work is muted and I love it. I would say artists like Khalo, and Rene Magrete are the two biggest influences. The piece I’m on now is old machinery abandoned and trees growing around it. Also I’ve been playing with epoxy resin, for some 3-D stuff…big thangs I’m excited 🙂

      • I love pop art and psychedelic stuff. I’ll have to check out those artists you were talking about. Sadly knowing any actual art knowledge is more my brother’s department. But I can still appreciate it. I used to draw constantly until high school, and just stopped. I blame beer and Pantera. But great stuff, and I’ll have to check back for more pics. Old machinery could be cool. Black and white photographs of old factories, have a lot of character.

      • Come to the Cold Hollow Mountains of Vermont. Rusting abandoned farm equipment everywhere. 🙂

      • you should shoot some pics! if ya have any. I am fascinated by old equipment, the rustier the better 🙂 I bet Vermont is gorgeous.

  8. I stand humbled by your tremendous talent, both in wordsmithery and art.

    And exceeding beautiful too.


  9. I love that kind of artwork. You are quite talented! I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for your etsy page so I can buy some things.

  10. You are… so cool….like… so cool I can’t even be jealous. Well kind of. Congrats!

  11. One word one your art: Wow!
    One word on your picture: Wow!

    I am really digging the heart piece, by the way. Very cool.

  12. Ha! I have some “Living Dead Girl” inspired art too. They are all excellent, but I especially like the first two. I would love to do something similar with Tarot cards. What medium did you use? Canvas and acrylic?

  13. *mine… I mean “art of MINE.” LOL. I really should get more on here, but I have few good pics of it and no scanner. 😦

    • I have a friend who has a really good camera. I have been told take the pic outside with the close up mode, no flash…then crop on the computer. It looks good when he did it! 🙂

      • When I have taken a pic here and there, I do have to definitely leave off the flash… yeah, you have to finagle it to get the light right without glare

      • I learned this after travelling all over Nashville trying to get it scanned (which is hella expensive and more illusive than the lost city Atlantis..)

  14. Nice! Congrats on the show and the sale. I’m impressed you were able to keep this on the DL for so long.

  15. I really love your artsee fartsee way with things and stuff;And you look good too,like dinner.haha!!!

  16. Sheena, you are dope! I love “Sugar Skulls.” Thanks for sharing these 🙂

  17. Excellent, my dear, the art and the story.

  18. Awesome! My attempts at artistic endeavors usually make dog doodie look creative. I can cross-stitch, but that’s about it. Love the cut away heart.

    • Thanks! I can cross stitch too 🙂 I like it, but lack the follow thru, never completed anything. *whispers*I like all the string colors too!

  19. Really good stuff, from someone who wouldn’t know. But sangria cookies? That’s a little too artsy for me.

  20. Barry Gibb is in God’s image, I’m sure of it….

  21. I had no idea you were so talented! These art works were fantastic! No wonder you sold some. I’m impressed and, yet again, find myself in awe of an artist – I wish I had any skill in that area. Alas…

    • Thank you so very much! You would be surprised what happens if you take some paint to a canvas. I was recently given the best advice ever though simple: Just keep going. I would stop a piece b/c I didn’t like it. The piece I sold almost got abandoned. I kept working! 🙂 I say get to it!

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  23. What the f! I love knowing this art fact about you.

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