Waterfall Adventure of the Week: Greeter Falls

This past week’s waterfall adventure was Greeter Falls.  This is a small feature in comparison to the 21, 649 acre South Cumberland State Park. This park is located on the Cumberland Plateau and is dense with forestry, natural waterfalls and wildlife. Honestly, one day wasn’t enough but I don’t think a ten day hiatus would provide enough time to explore every feature with it’s due admiration.

I want to spend much more time bonding with this park. Perhaps demanding more time with the park, calling it repeatedly, saying ” I love you” too soon. I want to smother this park with my affection and co-dependency to the point the park feels we should “go our separate ways” offering little condolence saying, “It’s not you Sheena, it’s me…I need some space.” Only then I can use a friend’s Facebook account to stalk the park, gaining knowledge of any new girlfriends. Maybe even driving by to ensure no strange cars are parked there…

So, this trip involved a visit to Greeter Falls.

Wait no…that’s Ryan Seacrest as a fat kid.

Now HERE is a picture of Greeter Falls…

This is what the waterfall looked when I went…

The drought that we have experienced lately has reduced the waterfall significantly, but here is a photo I found of the waterfall in full force.


The majority of the day was spent right here in this swimming hole because well, Friday the temperature in Tennessee was only 106 degrees. You wouldn’t know it right here in this paradise. The trail was pretty short and easy (at least going down). There’s a huge spiral staircase that is bowel obstructing in it’s dimensions and height, and then a staircase. There are huge rocks to climb upon and great places to sit and share quality time. My friends and I nerded out on nutrition, physics, and urine drinking. You know, it’s funny how much that topic comes up in my life. I even wrote about it. 

What could be prettier than THIS?

Close…but not quite.

Is it just me or is he bulging to the left? His left. Dig the belt. Anywho, this was a fantastic way to avoid the deathly heat of southern summer. Even more interesting is the visitors were from all over the place. I overheard Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky…maybe even Omicron Persei 8. Who knows.

I want to go back for sure, but I want it to be when I have a couple days to experience more of this park. It’s massive and actual countryside. This is the first time since my first Nokia brick phone that I can remember actually not having service.

I have enough memory for 8 contacts. You made the cut..congrats

The end of another perfect waterfall adventure was with fresh garden fruit and veggies with tons of cold water. Now this is how you survive a heat wave!

Fug that heat wave!


6 responses to “Waterfall Adventure of the Week: Greeter Falls

  1. That place looks beautiful. I wish I could spend all weekend there, the heat was a bitch as I’m sure you noticed. And he is def. going left.

    • It’s pretty but it’s one of many beautiful waterfalls in TN you should google TN waterfalls maps, you wouldn’t believe how many we have here thanks to the Cumberland plateau.

  2. You lost me at urine drinking. LOL

  3. Loved the photos and your description of yet another waterfall paradise where you are. Also really laughed at the great way you combined your delightfully off the wall sense of humor into your post! Lol 😀

    Someone please tell me that the guy in that picture after the waterfall was dressing that way intentionally and for the sake of humor. Otherwise, I just don’t wanna know… Oh hell! It’s still very funny whatever! LOL

    Saw the national weather map the other day with Nashville at 106 F, and I just thought “those poor people…”

    Following cold water rivers and streams that lead to waterfalls and swimming holes has always been my favorite kind of hiking in hot weather, and I’m glad that you got to enjoy more of it again. 🙂

  4. What really sucks is when it’s 105 in Columbus, OH. With the humidity here you might as well be tap dancing on the surface of the sun. Even the Cougar Pool is like a freaking hot tub. Thanks for the lovely waterfall pics. Should I get to head south this summer, I will need to check out the park. My sister lives about 40 miles out from Asheville NC, not that terribly far from Nashville, but she’s out in the boonies where you only get Sprint service right along the Interstate.

    James Lake up in the mountains is wonderful though, even when it’s nine kinds of hot in the piedmont it stays lovely and cool there, and the water is crystal clear.

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