An Announcement!

Hello bloggers, followers, readers, dubstep fans and pod people. I recently blogged about my art show. Some of you may or may not know this. It doesn’t hurt my feelings if you missed it, I just cry quietly at night wishing I was recognized by strangers and long to be a  high school cheerleader.


Anypoop, as promised I got to work on a page in which to showcase my work and sell it. I am still working on Etsy, where I plan to post my actual original art work. Right now I have a deviantART page up and running. It’s got a little bit so far and I need to add the rest but I’m too exited to keep this on the DL too long. I’m not so good at keeping secrets it seems.

Aaaaaand boom goes the link: Click these words right here, stop reading them and click them. Why are you not listening to me? Fine, do what you want. 

Well, that’s the big announcement for today, and might I add because it’s so neccessary;

R.I.P Andy Griffith, I grew up with family that just adored your show. Before my grandfather passed he requested, specifically, The Andy Griffith Show to watch and the family bought the box set. I miss him and you have a special little place in my heart, I’ve whistled that infamous tune who knows how many times to my pet cockateils (they half assed it but I guess it was good for a bird). There’s several fond memories of curling up next to my dad a.k.a. “The Big Cheese” and watching this show, laughing at Deputy Barney Fife!


12 responses to “An Announcement!

  1. That photo of the tree you have on your Deviantart site is great.

    I’ve been whistling (in my really bad whistle-y way) the theme song to Andy Griffith, all day. Opie will be mopey, today. 😦

  2. You are really pretty, funny and talented.

    That’s totally fair. Thanks.

  3. Nice stuff, Sheena! Keep up the artwork!

  4. Great to see your works of Art in larger sizes, as well as a few that weren’t in your earlier post, including the photos. I thought the photo of the old tree is very good. Keep up the good work Sheena, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your Art, as you get more of your work up on the site.

  5. Sheena,
    You are slowly becoming one of my favourite bloggers.
    Le Clown

  6. Aw, I too have fond memories of curling up with my dad and watching that show on Nick at Nite. He will be missed! Great post.

  7. To a simpler time:

    (…and the works you posted. Still pretty impressive.)

  8. I really love that anatomical heart drawing. And by like, I mean need-one-now-in-my-apartment-that-has-nothing-on-the-walls. Get that etsy up and running!

    • Hi! Yes ma’am! I will have to put it up there for ya 🙂 I’ll get to this within the next couple days actually I have been neglecting my etsy page!

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