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Hello WordPressonians,

I have been negligent indeed. I’m not fit for blogging. Either way I wanted to share some really neat Nashville graffiti and my own personal work I’ve done recently.

Located in the Donelson (close to the airport if that helps) area of Nashville, TN is Phat Bites, a really neat restaurant. What makes Phat Bites awesome is it’s a deli that provides a much, much healthier alternative to fast food as in they actually serve vegetables. What makes this deli unique is that it supports the local arts, even buying the car wash next door turning it into a legal graffiti showcase. They have art shows and display local artist’s work within the restaurant.

That’s the inside, of course, here’s the awesome graffiti!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve been sort of busy too I made this:

These are collages I made for my sister and her dorm. This is her freshman year in college and it’s just days away. If I haven’t mentioned before and I don’t believe I have… decoupage is one of my favorite forms of art. I love taking pictures and figuring out how to make a funky piece out of it. I suppose I should post the rest of my collages now huh?

I also made this:

This is paying homage to one of my favorite actors of all time Robert DeNiro  and perhaps one of my favorite movies of all time, Taxi Driver. This was my first go at pop culture. If you do make art you probably discovered (unless your mad talented) that famous faces are hard to do. The nose alone was agonizing for me b/c any deviation and you haven’t captured that person. I’m not saying this looks like a photographic image of Mr. DeNiro but I hope I’m in the ballpark. He has a face I just down right admire, it’s so full of character. I love his movies and if you haven’t witnessed Awakenings, you must, must see this film.

I hope to make a return to the blogging soon, like later today, that soon. I must admit I’ve had a touch of writers block (anyone got some Adderal? No? dang). Until then, I need some space, it’s not you WordPress, it’s me.


11 responses to “Eye Feast

  1. Hi Sheena, yes, you should show more of your art, it’s good

    • Hey! Thanks! I posted a little bit and yes I’ll post more of my collages, I got into them last year after a trip to the scrapbooking section at Micheals. Now I can spend no joke over an hour looking at paper and I am always looking for little things to glue. I try to encourage anyone to try collages, they’re very soothing 🙂 It’s one of my best ways to handle stress too.

  2. Okay… maybe there’s technical difficulties here on my end, but Sheena? Where your collages are supposed to be, there is nothing at all, and same problem again for your homage to Robert DeNiro.

    I guess the most sincere way I can tell you that I admire your Art work, and that I enjoy seeing it, is by telling you I’m disappointed that I can’t see your Art work right now. Maybe I’ll try closing out your page and then opening it again. In any case, I hope to see your work sometime soon.

    But I did see the graffiti pix, and yes they are awesome, and thanks for sharing!

  3. And now the latest! Your missing Art work just appeared right before my eyes, and I like the collage, and I really like your interpretation of DeNiro. Only regret is that I wish I could see both as a larger image. Don’t you have another site for your work? Are these uploaded to it yet?

    Hey, at least your Art is no longer invisible art here for me… Lol 🙂

  4. I noticed that yesterday when I drove by and thought i needed to go take some photos… guess you beat me to it …

  5. I’ve been struggling with the block bitch too. Hang in there.

  6. Your decoupage pictures don’t come through. I get that funny little google icon that means the pictures have been eaten by a net shark (don’t ask me what a net shark is–they’re elusive critters and I’ve never had the dubious privilege of seeing one). When I try to click on the icon, the error message reads, “File not found, sucker! Bwa ha ha ha ha!” Damn.

  7. I love this but I can’t see the 2nd and 3rd sets of pics. whaaaaa!

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