Shooting blanks

Well my laptop crashed, it’s dead. I attempted to write on my phone…alas got pissed when I write some profound shit only for it to not update due to a drop in coverage. I tried to upload pretty pictures…no go. The writers block continues, I’m at a loss. Perhaps when my kits starts school I can head to the library? I need the feel of a keyboard. Sooooooo I’m taking a hiatus. Like Joaquin Phoenix, I’m of to grow a beard and pursue a radio career. This is balls, I wish my brain would work again. I hope to join the blog world son and absolve this fucking poison oak I got from my last hiking adventure, it pulled a sneak attack on me! Damn sneaky  guerrilla tactic attack plants. I’m posting pics on Instagram…sheenasmith1 is my super original user name and there are no pictures of the food I eat…but there are some animal pictures.


look at how cure I am Asshole


12 responses to “Shooting blanks

  1. Poison oak is the worst (an exaggeration, of course. Hitler was the worst. And funnel cakes), but could make for a good post. Hope it’s contained to one area, at least.

  2. Nagasaki in 1945? Europe during the Bubonic Plague? Those were nothing compared to the loss of your laptop.

  3. Your posts tend to flow so well with wit, observations, and pictures — so it’s difficult imagining you with writer’s block! But it’s kind of hard to do what you do without a computer. I hope a laptop drops out of the sky for you! Landing on a soft pillow so it don’t get broke, of course.

  4. I wonder when thong underwear was invented. Why does this matter, you ask? Because in the early ’80s, I think flip-flops were still called thongs. I wouldn’t be caught dead in either type of thong now; I wear sandals, which are a bit uncomfortable inside your blue jeans. But I digress. While wearing thongs/flip-flops as a young man once, I stopped at a state park to pee in the bushes. Bad decision. Later that day or the next, I had 4 little points of very intense itching on top of one foot, which escalated to water blisters on my arms and legs. Thankfully, the poison ivy contamination didn’t spread beyond there, but it was a sucky few days, for sure.

  5. yep! Strangest post I’ve read today… 😛

  6. I can’t wait to read more. Just flashing some of my people and stumbled upon your page.

  7. No no no nooooo. Please don’t stay gone/shoot blanks for long. I’m recommending errrrybody that I know to vote for this blog in the SCENE’s best of Nashville poll and I’ll look like an idiot if I talk up a shuttered-up blog. TRICK KEEP WRITIN

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