Come to TN or Randy Travis Will Fight You Naked


I’m still working on a post, but I have some pictures I want to share. These are some pictures taken over the course of the month of August. Please enjoy, and remember Tennessee if you want a nature loving vacation spot. There some beautiful parks here, all this is free of charge and invaluable with memory.

The trees somehow seem to take my stress like they do the carbon dioxide I breathe out. I’ve had some down right silliness and bull shit going on lately, but nature seems to defragment my brain. So, rather than lash out, post passive aggressive Facebook statuses or even angry WordPress posts on this blog, I’m gonna share the best part of the last month. Why? It’s too easy to be negative. Like you know the glass might be half empty…OF SCOTCH! WIN!

Radnor Lake, taken amongst the deer and wild birds. This day the lake was kind of well, full of algea. We told the lake “Lake, you nasty!” but it was still a beautiful walk.

Another shot of Radnor Lake and certainly Bob Ross porn.

This is a longhunter path etched out before the civil war was about to break out, though my son says it dates back to the 1980’s…like really freaking old in five-year-old terms. This is located in Castilian Springs, TN.

Bledsoe Creek State Park, this is my meditative place. I go here when I am pissed at everyone and everything. I emerge tolerant and ready for patience, maybe even giving hugs. The best part is the wild life. I can almost high-five the deer here.

See those waterfalls? Rock Island State Park, maybe one of the best parks in Tennessee. This was on of my last waterfall adventures for the summer and one of the most memorable. There are so many more waterfalls here, you can’t really count them because the pull sneak attacks on you, like that random one in the middle of the woods pictured above. I call it the shower, it’s literally a random shower sized waterfall in the woods. (Honestly, if it weren’t public I would stand totally naked beneath this thing).

That’s “The Lagoon” a fairly private swimming hole at Rock Island. It happened to be “Bro-ed out” when we first got there. Guys with tribal tattoos drinking beer, douching up the water…However, it was a great picnic spot and I probably floated around in this water for an hour. The sun came out, and it felt glorious.

That’s my son and I on maybe one of my favorite August days. We got a paddle boat and spent some time on the lake. Then we waded through the creeks of Montgomery Bell State Park with my sister. We yelled “America!” under this tunnel as loud as we could. It feels powerful to yell, “FREEDOM!” or “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!” Like, really, really loud. Try it…”AMERICAN TIGER!!!!” The other plus is, it makes my son belly laugh, the only children laughter that isn’t creepy enough to use in horror movies.

I’ll load some more for sure, if you’re on Instagram, I have a ton of pictures on there. Sheenasmith1. That’s my username. You may say, Sheena, you told us this already. Hush, I have the floor. Okay? Now go, see my pretty pictures and follow so I can follow you and look at your pretty pictures…unless all you do is take pictures of food. I don’t care what you eat. Troof…

Now go, get out there and enjoy this stuff. All Trails is an Android App I downloaded recently and it will find some great spots for you!


18 responses to “Come to TN or Randy Travis Will Fight You Naked

  1. Bledsoe Creek looks really pretty. I betcha that dates back to the 1970’s!

  2. We need to set a Nature Hike Date. LOL

  3. I would stand naked beneath that thing, too. It would be weird if we both ended up there and we were like “oh….hey….”

  4. Okay, the photos are beautiful, but Randy Travis did his naked cop-threatening in Texas. I get those states mixed up too, though.

  5. I just drove through part of TN over the weekend on a whirlwind trip to drop Mom and Dad off in NC, but I had to come right back. I wanted to stay- she lives up in the mountains about 40 miles from Asheville- but I had to get back to take care of the dogs and get back to work. The mountains are beautiful even from the Interstate (Ohio doesn’t have mountains, and Central Ohio in particular is extremely flat, so it is nice to actually see nature and scenery from time to time.)

    I was too nice to Jerry on the way back and stopped in Knoxville to buy him smokes. I know, enabling, shame on me, especially considering I loathe both cigarettes and smoking, but when smokes are $55 a carton in Ohio, scoring some $30 a carton smokes for His Hiney is a big deal.

    Yes, he paid me back.

  6. Fantastic pictures! And Bob Ross porn–PERFECT!! 🙂

  7. That looks great,!

  8. Beautiful pics….Looks like total relaxation and peace!! Glad you enjoyed and had a great time! 🙂

  9. Beautiful and I was relaxed just looking

  10. I envy you for your parks. It’s pretty flat here. The Black Hills are beautiful, but they’re 5 hours away, so it’s not a same-day trip there and back.
    It’s okay to put Randy Travis in Tennessee, I think; every country singer is always a resident of Nashville whether they’re actually there or not. And I love that he sang “I’m gonna love you forever and ever amen” and then his wife leaves him, and he becomes a crazy drunk. I shouldn’t revel in other people’s relationship pain, but if they’re famous people who brag about love, yup, you betcha!

  11. Okay, now I have to add Tenneseean parks to the long list of places I want to go explore.

    *snicker* Bob Ross porn… *snicker*

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