Election Time

It’s that time again and it’s near, Halloween? Besides the most awesome holiday of the year, it’s time to choose our next leader. So, everyone is in a frenzy of opinions and reposting memes on Facebook about how candidates are idiots or the answer to everything wrong with our country  (like flesh pants). There’s not a lot of enthusiasm this year, I’ve heard a lot of talk about how doomed our country is. How our forefathers are going to rise from the grave with otherworldly outrage over our misappropriated Constitution adherence because not everyone wants to say Christmas anymore.


how dare you like the British version of The Office better!

While you choose our next president, keep in mind there have been some insanely incompetent leaders in the past. This might make you feel a little better like, “well, he’s better than THAT guy”…

Elagabalus – Roman emperor 218-222

Made emperer at the age of 14 years old, managed to generate far more sexual scandal than Bill Clinton and all the chubby chicks interning at the White House could have dreamed of. He was married and divorced five times in the four years he was emperer. He rather enjoyed wearing women’s clothing while making sexual advances to any passerby. He prostituted himself among the grounds of the imperial palace. He later offered a large amount of the Roman treasury to any physician who could give him sexual reassignment surgery.


I've got a picture of Lindsay Lohan getting out of a car, can you use that?

He deposed Jupiter at the head of the Parthenon and replaced it with Elagabal , forcing Rome’s government to practice religious rites in honor of this deity. He had a prototype of the whoopee cushion that he liked to use at dinner parties. His body guards, probably sick of “Who cut the cheese?” jokes every fucking time they sat down, assassinated him and dragged his naked body through the streets.  This was most likely a plot formed by his own grandma and the Praetorian Guard.

Nero -Roman emperor 54-68


why can't my crown be made of french fries instead of salad!

 Nero is most famed as the “Emperer who fiddled while Rome burned”. This was a nasty rumor accusing the emperer of actually starting the Great Fire of Rome in order to clear the land for Domus Aurea, or the Golden House, a quaint 300 room villa with artificial lake and bronze statue of himself.


this fire is outta control, I'm gonna burn this city, burn this city!

Nero is said to have captured Christians and burned them in his garden for a source of light. Christians are way better than tiki torches, btw. He was also described to be malodorous…so there’s that.
The Romans must have appreciated the severe taxes (surely this in no way funded the Golden House).


stinky's house

Vindex in Gaul started a rebellion which resulted in an assassination plot against Nero. However he committed suicide June 9, 68 and was the first emporer to do so.

Francisco Solano Lopez -President of Paraguay 1862


my business beard

This president declared war against Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay at the same fucking time. Now called The War of the Triple Alliance. From what I gathered this had a lot to do with disputes of land and diamond mines. Either way Lopez took on these countries and it ended disastrously. This decimated the male population of Paraguay, leaving most likely armchairs that didn’t smell like farts and a sexy Amazonian society

…Um, oh and not to mention Lopez was paranoid ordered the execution of prominent Paraguayan citizen; bishops, judges, lawyers, military officers, priests, and foreigners. His own mother was flogged and executed for revealing to Lopez he was born out-of-wedlock. Bastard. The war ended with Lopez being shot while trying to hide perhaps from all the native savage women, or most likely from the enemy.

Charles II of Spain 1661-1700

Last of the Hasburg family to reign due to their copious inbreeding. His genome was actually found to be more homozygous than a child with sibling parents. All of his grandparents were descendants of the same people. This was done to protect property, but resulted in progressively worse mandibular prognathism in each child. Which is a major underbite. That’s a lot of risky inbreeding just to protect some goblets and beaver fur hats. Anywho, Charles was most affected, being that he was unable to properly chew or speak clearly. He had pituitary gland deficiency and renal tubular acidosis. Basically his kidneys didn’t acidify urine, leaving him with osteoporosis, seizures, and mental disturbances (severe anxiety, irrational thoughts) . Well, before genetics were to blame, sorcery was the logical conclusion, Charles called himself “The Hexed”. Charles was increasingly more disturbed toward his death demanding the corpses of his family be exhumed so he could look at them. Spain as a country was a dismal place to live, the economy suffering and people starving. The general presiding over the infamous Spanish inquisition convinced Charles to destroy documents investigating the whole fiasco. The evidence of wrongdoing was overwhelming but not a trace could be found when Phillip V took the throne.

Charles died at 39, the coroner describing his innards as gangrenous and putrid.

Well friends, I hope that helped. Go vote! Unless you’re a convicted felon, then I suppose you should um, work on a hobby. If your still in prison, maybe draw a picture of the outside world on your cell wall and do a personal life inventory.


28 responses to “Election Time

  1. What a brilliantly funny (and worryingly accurate) post! I wish I’d had it last week when I was teaching Roman history to my 8th Graders!

    • Its hard to essay the Roman stuff was one hundred percent accurate but you know there was a degree of truth, or I hope so. I’ll bet that would have got their attention though, it would have me…but I was a history nerd hard core in school 🙂

  2. Nice to see you posting again. Worth the wait!

  3. Great post and I’m so glad you are back!

  4. You’ve convinced me. Flesh pants are the answer.

  5. Look up “Parthenon” and “pantheon” and consider your word choice.

    Aside from that, some interesting things to consider. “He’s not as bad at Vlad the Impaler, or Tamerlane.” can easily come up on political discourse.

    You might be amused by my old “Baroque Obama” post:

  6. Politicians, nothing new under the sun at the end of the day.


  7. Charles II’s story is sad and disturbing on so many levels. Thanks for that.

  8. I thought the last election was bad, now this one is worse…
    when asking why no worthy men ,/Women will run for office like Collin Powell, CLint Eastwood, etc… It comes down to the fact the country is run by a handfuls of very rich individuals who do not want a man with morals or plans to fix the country… They will ensure that they get a ‘ yes’ man into office so they can continue to rule the country and make vast amounts of money by making sure an idiot gets elected. IT does not matter who gets elected… The country will still run as it has of late… Allowing the rich to get richer and the poor to pay for it… And the lazy to get a check for not working to keep the economy going….. Where is John Wayne when ya need him?

    • seriously, I think we only need to look to Europe to confirm exactly where we are heading. The middle class is a dying breed. I learned that just the small amount of increase in salary for me resulted in a sky high tax increase b/c I was in a new bracket. It’s absolute bull shit and there’s no drive to make more for me, I mean why bother when I know so many assholes that have been collecting unemployment for years and won’t work b/c they would lose money. I have no faith in anyone this election year and don’t anticipate things being better at all. Plus, nothing progressive is stimulating our economy, we’re not creating jobs we’re paying people to sit around and not do shit with their lives. I hate it. Dang, you got me on a rant…

  9. Damn! Look at you the historian! And most of these stories are pretty Fucked up congrats to that looks like I know who to go as for halloween ELAGLABULUS!

  10. OMG just thought of this, ELAGLABULUS more like ELAFABULOUS!

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